River Run Goldens
Quality Goldens of our Future!
Welcome To River Run Goldens

We are located on Wolf Mountain in Poteau, Oklahoma.  We recently moved from Minnesota and are steadily getting use to the NO SNOW factor. Our Golden Retrievers were use to making snow angels but have turned in their snowsuits for Bikini’s,at least for now till they get use to the weather changes. Our Golden Retrievers are our children!  They eat before we do and spend time lounging on the couch while we watch TV! They love to go with us on adventurous walks on our 4 acres.   They accompany us on our trips back to Minnesota or maybe just a trip to Texas to visit friends.  We are active in AKC, UKC and CKC events, which include conformation, hunt tests, obedience and occasionally some agility.

We continue to carefully plan and hand pick our genetics to improve upon our foundation dogs. Each breeding is done with the utmost research for the best health we can provide. We are firm believers in making sure that our Golden Retrievers have a certificate from the  Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to clear them of hip and elbow dysplasia also clearing them of Congenital Cardiac Disease and Hypothyroidism.   They see the Ophthalmologist on a yearly basis to receive their CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation.)  

Our Golden Retrievers eat an all natural diet along with Total-Zymes®, Total-Biotics® and the “Original Alaskan Salmon Oil” this along with daily walks and the beautiful Oklahoma Sunshine they are happy and healthy!  

Take a moment to look through our website and enjoy our Happy and Healthy Golden Retriever Adults and puppies! Please check back as we add new pictures and health information to our site.



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